Life Inspired Photography in Boise

Day In The Life

These photo sessions are your real life. It’s early morning trying to get everyone moving, playing with the dog or a favorite toy, soccer games, bedtime stories……

~ You and your family can be yourselves
~ Settings that feel natural to you
~ Experience your life instead of trying to capture it on your phone

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Life Moments

Capturing your family just as they are.

~ Planned around activities that are meaningful to you
~ No need to worry about posing, what to wear and looking at the camera
~ Photographs that are real

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The warm light at sunset - the ‘golden hour’ - is perfect for photographs.

~ Start an hour before sunset
~ Set in a lavender field or location selected by Amy and the client

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Life Events

What story do you have to tell? A new baby at home, birthday, retirement or
community event.

~ Tell the story of special times in your life.

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Your Business

Where you work is not just a place. It’s about your team, the customers you serve and the experience you create.

~ Let your customers know what makes you great
~ Showcase your team doing what they love
~ Document what your business is like today

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The trip of a lifetime, family reunion, volunteerism - these are experiences you want to remember with great photos.

~ Be fully engaged and be part of your vacation
~ Photographs to share and remember
~ Experience your vacation

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